Prof Anthony
College of Art

I always thought photography would be easy and based my decision to graduate in that specialization on what I assumed would be a walk in the park. I couldn’t have been more wrong, but thanks to Sir Anthony from Goa College to Art, I got not only a good grounding in photography, but also learnt to love it. Never strict, always patient and perpetually encouraging, he took me through the basics of photography and dark room techniques.


Ronny Sequeira
Fashion and Commercial Photographer

A grueling 12 months under Ronny in that fast-paced world helped hone my skills immensely. Assisting on high-profile advertising shoots including Pepsi, Gatorade, Boost, Kurkure, etc, wasn’t just a non-stop lesson in the latest techniques but also a great way to understand shooting and professional client management.


Kedar Dhume
Editor of Viva Goa

One of the hardest decisions of my career was returning to Goa, where mostly stories of poor pay and under-exposure awaited. But taking the plunge has turned out to be an extremely enriching experience, especially with the help of Mr Dhume, who I approached for freelance jobs with his magazine. He not only readily agreed to have me as its main freelance photographer, but has put forward my name to many other clients for commercial work.


Blossom Pinto
Hair and make-up artist
Tenderlocks, Panjim

Apart from being a thorough professional, Blossom has been a very good friend. She is always ready to help, perpetually up for professional experimentation and we’ve shared some good laughs during our association. She has been the reference for most of my wedding clients and I owe the “Awesome Blossom” a very big thank you.